Your Natural Part Wig YP-231 by Motown Tress

Product no.: MOTOWN-TRESS-YP-231

Motown Tress Your Natural Part wig is made with 100% Futura Synthetic fibre that you can restyle with medium heat tongs. With 3.5" length of opening gap for your natural skin part, the wig will make your hairline look as natural as your own. Hair length 23" when straight. The natural parting has secure attached mini combs to keep your wig and parting in place even when you are moving about. It's suitable to wear during activites like gym, out n about partying and dancing. When looked after, this wig is expected to last over 3 months of daily use. We recommend that you take it off when you sleep. Use special wig hair products. Please check our Shampoo, Conditioner and Hair Spray that is suitable for wigs.

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