LANGE PARIS Dark Spot Corrector 15ml

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Enriched with seaweed extracts and whitening complexes, this highly concentrated formula eliminates dark spots for a more even complexion.

LANGÉ Lightening Dark Spot Corrector is highly concentrated in actives for an intensive treatment through local applications on dark spots. Its efficient corrective functions on pigment irregularities will help to: Eliminate melanin synthesis at all levels; Actively prevent the appearance of new dark spots; Create a more even appearance.

Main Active Ingredients:

Vitamin C derivative (it favours collagen synthesis for soft, supple, young-looking skin; as an antioxidising agent, it plays an essential role in boosting radiance by contributing to free radicals scavenging), Whitening Complex (citric, gluconic and ferulic acids) (whitens the skin and reduces hyper-pigmentation through elimination of dead cells and harmonization of skin pigmentation),  Mandarin extract (toning and purifying virtues), Ascophyllum Nodosum Extract (Seaweed from Brittany, France) (a skin lightening active to reduce melanin synthesis and pigmentation of synthesized melanins. It also eliminates the pigmented scales. It offers anti-radical protection against ageing of skin and prevention of the appearance of dark spots), Bamboo extract (Remineralizing, restructuring, revitalizing), Licorice extract (Soothing and antioxidant), Pearl Protein extract(a protein consisting of 20 kinds of amino acid which moisturize skin) and AHA (a complex of bright Ibiscus, pure white Lily, Frangipani and Bouquet’s Prince (Freesia).  Extracts are enriched with AHA (Alpha-Hydroxy Acid). This exclusive ingredient moisturizes and soothes the skin by providing a gentle peeling, which also gives a clearer complexion).

Directions: LANGÉ Lightening Dark Spot Corrector should be used in the morning or at night, on dark spots. Clean up with the LANGÉ Lightening Lotion, then apply the Dark Spot Corrector and gently tap to penetrate. Let it rest for 10 minutes, then apply the Serum followed by the Lightening Day Cream or Night Cream. Renew 4 times per week.

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