Hair & Beauty Tips

Hair & Beauty Tips

7 Hot Tips for Winter Hair Care!!! 23rd Jan 2012

Winter season can wreck havoc on the hair.

Colder months tend to make hair dry, brittle and more fragile due to windy and cold weather conditions.

“The environment can have some of the most damaging effects on hair in both summer and winter, but in winter it’s often worse because people generally don’t take as many precautions to protect their hair,”



Good news is you don’t have to have the winter hair blues.

Knowing is half the battle, and if you’re noticing a drastic difference in your hair during winter, rest assured that we are counting down 7 hot tips for optimum winter hair care below!


#7 Avoid humectants. Products that contain propylene glycol, glycerin, honey and other ingredients designed to pull moisture into your hair is best for hot/humid weather.

#6 Be careful with hats. There is nothing wrong with using hats and scarves, but be careful of wool or a cotton materials as they can cause hair to snag or break off. Use hats lined with satin, or wear a stocking cap under hats.

#5 Don’t be afraid to switch. Pay attention  if your hair responds differently to certain products in the winter. Some products when exposed to cold air may make your hair appear and feel dryer.

#4 Skip the heat.  Stay away from direct heat contact like blow drying and using straight irons frequently in the winter. Use roller sets or air drying to achieve certain styles.



#3 Drink lots of water Staying hydrated not only helps your body, but it also benefits your hair and your skin.


#2 Protective styling Many women opt to wear weaves, braids, or hairstyles like buns or twists to protect their ends. Any of these styles with proper maintenance is a good way to shield hair from the winter winds and dry air.


#1 Lock it in – Add 10x the amount of moisture you would in other seasons. Use a daily moisturizer twice a day, do weekly hot oil treatments or deep conditioning, and consistently seal in moisture with natural oils.

Vina Wearing 23rd Jan 2012



Hair Tip for weave users:21/Nov/2011

Give your scalp and hair roots at least a month break before getting another weave. This will allow your hair roots to relax. If you get a sew-in weave, suggest that they re-braid in a different direction than before, to reduce further tension on your hair roots. When you are taking your break to another weave, try loose plaits, or just comb to style. Avoid harsh treatments like relaxers, if you aren’t confident enough to show your natural hair yet, then use a wig...;-)...Vina.


Hair Tip: 18/Nov/2011

Hi ladies, when you wash your weave / hair extensions, make sure you leave your hair conditioner for at least 15 minutes... Don’t rush washing it off. Extensions undergo a lot of chemicals processing, you need more time for your conditioner to work through. It will improve your hair texture to feel soft and more natural...:-)...Vina


About Lace Wigs:17/Nov/2011

Most of know a lot about Lace wigs, for those who dont, Lace wigs initially created for theater and movie actors and cancer patients suffering from hair loss, eight years ago lace wigs became the must-have accessory for every diva in the spotlight. Unlike traditional wigs, Lace wigs offer more versatility, and because of sheer lace matches your skin tone when applied correctly to the hairline, it’s undetectable to the naked eye. For more info please email me: